Balanced Animal Meals
  • Disponemos de una línea de productos para alimentación animal.


  • This product is used in the production of food supplements for monogastric animals. It is specially specified in the making of developing and fattening bird foods, pig foods and Guinea-pig foods.


  • Dan Energin is By Pass fat insoluble in rumen but soluble in abomasum that:
    • It satisfies the energetic needs of ruminants with less quantity of dry materials.
    • With a minimum of 300gr of DanEnergin per cow per day, you obtain an increase of milk production between 10% and 14%
    • It permits to incorporate a higher level of fiver in the food ration, which prevents digestive problems on ruminants.
    • It presents a high level of digestion do to its fatty acids dry profile.
    • Bringing a noticeable improvement in physical condition and hair glow.