Ice-Creams and Daries
  • Your choice for unflavored fat, with a correct solids curve (SFC) is fundamental to obtain a highly attractive ice-cream look, optimum texture and excellent flavor.
  • Our vegetable fat for ice-creams has become the best option to industrially produce ice-cream desserts.


  • A lauric edible fat, free of fatty acids ‘trans”, totally refined, bleached, deodorized, plasticized, with added emulsifiers. Suitable for human consumption.


  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Commercial Name: Ice-cream Lard D.P. (Double purpose)
  • APLICATIONS: This fat is mainly used to substitute, partially or totally, milk fat (MSF) in ice-cream dough. Also, to elaborate chocolate covering for ice-cream.


  • APLICATIONS: Specially designed to substitute, partially or totally: milk fats (MFS) in dairy products like, ice-cream, yogurt and others.


  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Semisolid fat obtained form palmist oil, with added antioxidants on clients specifications. This fat is completely refined, bleached and deodorized, free of fatty acids “trans”. Suitable for human consumption.
  • APLICATIONS: Fat for ice-cream and cold products production. It can be incorporated to ice-cream mix or to ice-cream covers.

DANFAT PMF 8330 Y PMF 8332

  • This are medium palm fractions with different fusion points, in accordance to client needs. No Hydronated, free of fatty acids “trans”, GMO free.
  • APLICATIONS: Fats designed to produce ice-cream coverings and ice-cream dough. Also, to elaborate chocolate covering for ice-cream. Mixed with cocoa lard it can replace up to 25% of this (of the overall fat total).