Special Lards with Natural Betacarotone
  • Lard made with extra fine vegetable palm oils, refined and deodorized by control methods that allows the preservation of natural vitamins with the beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), tocopherois and tocotorienois.


  • This fat is designed for production of cookies and can be used in ice-cream mix. It has an excellent microbiological stability and a high resistance to oxidation because of its high content of natural tocopherois.


  • As a natural food coloring of manufactured food, for example: bread, cookies, ice-cream, dairy drinks. The food manufactured with this raw material, more tan just being a natural food coloring agent it also contains natural sources of vitamin A and E. After summiting the elaborate foods to a baking or pasteurization process, this product conserves its color intensity and most of its vitamins.


  • The product is expedited in 15kg blocks, plastic bags, inside cardboard boxes. Other presentations can be packed under special order. Store in a fresh place, dry and protected from sunlight. Special lards with natural beta-carotene.